The Institute for Community Empowerment (ICE) is a nonprofit community organizing and leadership training institute that empowers Chicago residents to take the initiative and develop the trust and teamwork to meet their communities’ most pressing challenges.

For 30 years, ICE has taught residents the skills of "50%+1" organizing: through door-to-door outreach, petitioning, and extensive community education on issues appearing on both advisory and binding referenda, residents have learned that majorities matter in the Chicago political world—for Guaranteed Home Equity Assurance in northwest and southwest communities, Expanded Mental Health Service Programs in the city’s North River and west side communities, and affordable homeownership in the south side’s Bronzeville community.

At the same time, ICE trains aspiring community organizers to learn the skills, discipline, and imaginative use of local power and tactics that have defined the profession’s proud Chicago history dating back to Saul Alinsky.

ICE's mission has been a constant one for almost three decades: to give all citizens in Chicago the ability and the right to Initiate change, Combat injustice, and Empower themselves and their communities on the issues of most importance to them.

A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.
— Thomas Jefferson